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Anti-Fatigue Workbench Mat

Excl.VAT Are Cold Hard Floors causing you and your staff a lot of discomforts? This anti-fatigue work bench mat minimises fatigue caused by standing for long periods on cold hard floors Mechanics ...

Fender Covers

Excl.VAT Unique design and construction provides grip and cushioning against the protected areas of the vehicle Large 60cm x 90cm surface grabs small parts and tool to prevent them from dropping S...

Magnetic Car Top Hats

Excl.VAT These highly visible control caps are placed on the customer vehicles to identify them and reduce search time. Reduce search time, improve service department efficiency and improve custom...

Numatic HFM1515 Hurricane Floor Machine

High performance 1500W engine for these machines which thanks to the Hurricane system, have reinforced ventilation for difficult jobs. The handle is ergonomic to facilitate the grip of the controls...

Numatic Hi-Bak Mopping Unit

  • Multiple styles accommodate most pre-printed and computer-generated forms/pages
  • Heavy-duty sewn nylon fabric handle ensures durability even in harsh conditions
  • Durable brass grommet increases strength
  • Simply hangs from side mirror or rear view mirror
  • Sold individually or by the box (25 units per box)

Numatic NC1 Carousel Cleaning Mobile Unit

Excl.VAT The Carousel is, without doubt, not only an outstanding mobile cleaning module but also a very clever design providing a number of cleaning facilities in one exceptionally compact and easy...

Numatic NC4 Carousel Cleaning Mobile Unit

Excl.VAT The full colour-coded cleaning mobile that really does allow “full” control of the cleaning programme in all applications. Hotels, for example – bedrooms one colour, bathrooms another colo...

Numatic NVQ 370-22 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Excl.VAT Industrial 15L Dry Vacuum Cleaner with quiet motor – 1100 W complete with accessories. The Q series is built to an exacting professional standard, having gained their outstanding specifica...

Numatic PSP180A Twin Flo Vacuum Cleaner

Excl.VAT All models in the blue range incorporate our high-performance TwinFlo, two-stage vacuum motor turbine linked to our AutoSave energy conservation system. All ProSave models incorporate our ...

Numatic PVT390A Vacuum Cleaner

Excl.VAT Provides ease of handling and the total convenience of lift-off storage for all the cleaning essentials. Using the optional extra caddy (red, blue, green or yellow) the PPT can accommodate...

Numatic RSV 200 Vacuum Cleaner

Excl.VAT Numatic RSV200 Vacuum Cleaner with Back Pack Harness. More power than it’s RSV130 sister model. Particular attention has been paid to user comfort, convenience and safety. An ergonomically...

Numatic RSV130 Vacuum Cleaner

Excl.VAT RSV 130 Vacuum Cleaner with Back Pack Harness. When it comes to congested environments there can be no doubt that the practical features of the RSV (Ruc Sac Vac) brings with it great advan...